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Your complete film/photo production cart starts here. We will drop ship you a RocknRoller® R12 Cart. (choose your color)


Then choose your style shelf system. Customize with a power outlet built into the suface, or choose a FRESH clean suface.


You can save money on pairing accessories with your order. The accessory bundle includes a removable raised edge, utility hooks, and handles that mount onto your cart.


Our products are designed with durablity in mind. We use premium materials: Maple rails, MDO Materials with Rubber coated surfaces, hardend steel rods, high contact premium paints, and SBR rubber trim.




- Upper and lower shelf unit

- Elastic cable & hook system for single unit compression

- Made from hard woods and edge protected with U-channel rubber trim

- Surfaced with gripping rubber material ideal for sensitive electronics

- 4x threaded plates for acessories


- Optional: Recessed quadruple (4) power strip with two (2) USB-A ports

- Optional: Double grommet holes with caps





Compressed Unit Dimensions: L 33" W 22.75" D 3.5"

Upper Shelf: L 28" W 22.5" D 3.0"

Lower Shelf: L 29" W 16" D 0.625"

Complete Unit Weight: 22 Lbs


Shelf Paylaod: 350lbs Tested


*Made with some natural materials. Subtle variations in weight and textures may apply.  



Vesuvius - FULL Setup

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