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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Vesuvius PLUS and Vesuvius FRESH come with top and bottom shelves?

Yes, the Vesuvius (PLUS & FRESH) both include top and bottom shelves and all the hardware you will need to build your setup. All you need is your compatiable cart. No tools needed. 

How high will the shelf be on my cart?

Most carts like the R12 or Gator carts, the working height is about 38” from the floor. Also, most carts have several holes for mounting hight options.

Why does the shelf cost more than my cart?

Our products convert ordinary utility carts into extraordinary production carts. Our products are hand made in the USA with premium materials and the highest attention to detail and quality. 
Your utility cart is simply the vehicle or chassis of your production cart. 

What are the power specs for the Vesuvius PLUS outlet?

The North American power outlet has an output of 125V/12A/60Hz, Maximum Voltage 15A, 1875W. The USB Port is 5V 2.1A, with built-in smart charging technology, can detect your devices current's needs and charging efficiently and adjust the current output giving you optimal charging effectively.

What materials are the decks made from?

Our decks are made of select grade premium maple hard woods, MDO finish grade ply, and SBR Rubber trims and matting.

How long does shipping take?

We default to UPS ground. Shipping takes 1-4 days for East coast and mid west cites, and 4-7 business days for west coast cities.  We do offer next day air shipping option if you need your order right away!
For customers outside of North America, the shipping time is typically 5-10 business days. 

Still have questions?

See if we're online and chat with us on the bottom right side of the screen!
If not, send us an email

I'm confused. What products should I be looking at?

We only design the shelf and accessories for existing utility carts available on the market.
If you already own a compatible cart, you should shop our shelf systems. If you do not own a compatible cart, you should shop our full setup options. Here we will drop ship a compatible cart with your order. 

Do you make anything bigger that uses the full length of the cart?

We are currently developing an extension piece that will work in tandem with Vesuvius decks. If you have a Vesuvius deck, it will be eligible for an extension down the road. 

I have a RockNroller R18 cart. Is it compatible?

One day soon! For now, the R18 minimum extension is too long. It’s on our roadmap to develop a product for the R18. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list on the homepage to stay updated on new products!

How do you mount a monitor?

We sell the “Monitor Mount” It's a pole mount that can go through your Grommet holes or mount on the edge of your work surface.  

What is the material on the surface?

The surfaces is covered in premium non-direction ripple rubber material. Ideal for gripping and slip resistant for sensitive equipment.

Will I have to pay import fees or tariffs?

This depends on your country import rules and laws. Most likely yes, but declared values are low for international customers.

How big is the shelf?

The Vesuvius PLUS and FRESH measure 28.00" x 22.75" (Top Shelf) of usable surface space. The bottom Shelf is 29.00"x16.00".

When the Vesuvius units are compressed, the total unit size is 33.00" Long, 22.75" Wide, 4.1875" Thick. The total weight is 24 lbs.

I'm worried about cart wobble. Are the carts stable enough?

Our shelf is designed to lock cart arms to their tightest position. You will be amazed how solid the connection becomes. 
For Gator cart users, there is a hex screw at the arm hinge. You should regularly tighten this connection for best stability results. 

I own a Backstage or On-Stage cart. Will it work with your product?

Yes! You will need to do some preparation. See the 90º Hole conversion kit 

Do I need to buy the rattail file?

Most carts will not require this. However, we can’t guarantee this since there are variables with the cart manufacturing. The holes on your cart should be 5/16”. You can test the holes by inserting a 5/16” bolt into the holes of your cart. If the bolt fits without force, our rods will fit.

What is the lead time if I order today?

If the website says the item is in stock, your order will typically ship the next business day.

If the product says, "Pre-Order" it means we are currently working on a batch of products. We usually are not out of stock for more than a week or two. It's usually a good idea to get in line with "Pre Order" so your order will ship as soon as it's ready. 

Do you have distributors or vendors?

We currently do not have any distributors. We only sell direct to consumers from this website. We do ship world wide, however. 

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