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LaVa Cart Review George Farris

George Farris 

LaVa Cart is a game changer for our digital tech station. There are so many thoughtful design choices that make life on set a little bit easier. Solid construction, it looks great, and one person can set it up. Dope.


James Meech
James Meech Creative, LLC

Seriously, I get more use out if this cart in all my various productions than I ever did with a flippin' folding table. I take this cart everywhere. 

LaVa Cart Review Basil Vargas

Basil Vargas

The Lava Cart has become an essential piece of kit that goes everywhere with me for all of my projects. With its versatility, it's the perfect fit for any type of production. Quick setup and a compact tear down has been one of my favorite things about this deck!

LaVa Cart Review Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright
Film Maker

If you don’t have the LaVa cart for your rock n roller you’re really missing out. It’s our favourite mobile desk, and we love that the bottom platform allows you to load anything onto it, even smaller items that would have fallen through the rock n roller. It’s become a must have for every shoot!

LaVa Cart Review Michael Della Polla

Michael Della Polla
Director of Photography

I have an old Inovativ that never gets used now. The LaVa Cart builds faster, and is easier to load in a car. 

LaVa Cart Review Frankie Coto

Frankie Coto
Director of Photography

What a great cart! It’s going to be perfect for my run and gun gigs. Thanks for the love LaVa Cart!

LaVa Cart Review Andre Reminisce

Andre Reminisce 

The LaVa Cart deck and accessories have been a huge game changer, and I’ve been really surprised and impressed with how well the build quality is. It has made being a digitech much easier. It’s the perfect set up for anywhere I go!

LaVa Cart Review Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley

The LaVa Cart has become my mobile streaming rig. When I have to go light weight and all battery, the LaVa setup is clutch. It's an Epic setup!

LaVa Cart Review Jim Lafferty

Jim Lafferty

I love the LaVa Cart - I’ve got one going as my mobile capture platform, have had it on jobs big and small. When you’re already using a cart to haul gear, the LaVa decks add almost nothing to the load. Once you’re on location, assembly is quick and it tucks into any corner. The sly power strip is a nice touch to keep charging in reach. 

LaVa Cart Review Shane LaVancher


I'm always shlepping a bunch of gear to a location or client's space. I don't have a production van, so I have to beak down small to fit into an Uber. I couldn't justify spending thousands on an Inovativ. The RocknRoller breaks down so much faster anyway. This setup is compact, and looks so slick on set. Before this, on set I would put my laptop and camera on an apple box or an empty Temba. This is so much better!

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