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Why LaVa Cart?

Don't spend thousands on a production cart. Not only are the other options expensive, but they are clunky, take forever to build and breakdown, and you can't load them into a normal sized vehicle. The LaVa Cart upgrade is simple, sleek, convenient and durable. Also, no tools are required to build.

RocknRoller® and other Compatible Utility Carts are more versatile, capable of hauling more gear, and break down faster and more compact than leading production carts. No need for a production van with a ramp. Toss all of your gear into any sized vehicle and build your setup when you arrive on set.  

LaVa Cart makes DIY kits that modify a RocknRoller® or other utility cart into a photo, audio, film, or production cart. 

About Us

We are a made in the USA, family owned, small business. Our products are designed by a New York based photographer, and Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T) graduate. 

We are fully operated in upstate New York. Quality and customer satisfaction is our goal, and our customer service is always polite and excellent. 


We make small batches about every 4-8 weeks. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Upstate New York. 

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