About Us

We make upgrade kits and accessories for your RocknRoller® or other utility carts.

The LaVa Cart emerged from a need. It's designed by a New York City professional photographer, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) alumni.


Our industry professionals need a digital work station that doesn't suck and won't cost a vital organ. 

Why LaVa Cart?

As a creative, your office is everywhere and anywhere, and we need to shlep a lot of stuff to do a job correctly. Don't spend thousands on a cart when the LaVa Cart deck is a simple, sleek design that is both convenient and durable.  

LaVa Cart accessories pair perfectly with RocknRoller® and select carts to build a production cart your way.


We make small batches about every 4-8 weeks. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Upstate New York and New York City.