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How it Works

* You must own a RockNRoller® or other compatible cart to use our products. The RocknRoller pictured is NOT included with all setups.

See the "Compatible Carts" page for a list of external links to purchase. We highly recommend the R12 Stealth.

Production, maintenance, service cart. Foldable & collapsible cart design. How to DYI your Rocknroller cart or other utility cart into a production cart for film, photography, DJ, or audio. 

1. Prep Your Cart

Prep Your RocknRoller Cart for Shelf

Depending on manufacturing variations, the pre-drilled holes in your cart handles may need some minor prepping. If it's difficult to push your LaVa Rod into place, you may consider filing out your cart's holes with a Rattail File. Here is a link to our tool. Rattail File

2. Place the unit facedown to un-strap 

Step 1 building your production cart
3. Separate the top and bottom shelves
Building your production cart

4. Place the bottom shelf onto base of your cart 

Adding shelving to your rocknroller
5. One side of your top shelf has a protruding spacer. Orient this end of the shelf over the back wheels of your cart.
Special hardware feature of film cart
6. Line up LaVa Rod to the holes on the LaVa Cart shelf to the holes on your cart handles, one side at a time
secret to production film photo cart with rocknroller shelf
DIY Production cart with rocknroller
7. Cap the LaVa Rod with the red knob, and repeat these steps on the other side
tightening your rocknroller arms no wobble
complete professional production cart

8. Voila! Let's roll...

LaVa Cart built on rocknroller R12 Stealth
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