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With the spread of the Internet, companies' demand for its use in marketing is increasing exponentially, with the public's demand and use of it.

التسويق بالمحتوي

E-marketing over the Internet has gained the upper hand and the greatest influence, as any company can market for itself with the least capabilities.

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Companies can launch a powerful marketing campaign on social media, and generate more profits than buying a newspaper ad, and at lower costs.

With these changes, create for yourself a new market and new competition, keep pace with technological developments, make a profit for you, and create a new opportunity in a new market.

What's online marketing?

It is the marketing of products and services over the Internet, in order to reach the target audience, using all electronic platforms and social media, through sponsored ads or unpaid methods.

تهيئة المواقع لمحركات البحث

This market enables you to display your products in an attractive way, as well as communicate with the audience better, and the most important of these platforms are:



The YouTube.



It has become the basis upon which all companies and institutions are based today, due to the availability of all the elements that facilitate the selling process, and that attract larger segments of customers.

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Thus, increasing sales and profits, as it is also called “Digital Marketing”.

It began with the spread of radio or radio, as it was a boom in the world of technology that companies could send their voice into homes.

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